A Fresh Perspective

Every once in a while we’re trying out different tech – sometimes it works out, other times, not so much. During our filming of both Jo Kelly and Gemma Lancaster last year we tried out some new techniques. We’d love to know what you think of these videos (email us you comments – The video features both Jo and Gemma – in their ripped contest shape! A wide-angle lens captures their incredible physiques. The […]

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Leyvina Barros

1.What are your plans for 2024? – My plans are to make a good season with the most evolved and conditioned physique. I will do NYPRO in May and stay for Olympia in Vegas, maybe I can do a pre Olympia going to Arizona a few weeks before. 2.Have you identified areas of your physique that you’d love to improve? – I believe I have a good physique, I don’t exactly have weaknesses, only with […]

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Romana Skotzen

1.What are your plans for 2024? Initially I was aiming to do the UK Pro show in September but after tearing the meniscus in my knee I’ve had to change my plans to focus on recovering my injury. The worry would be that if I attempted a prep too early I might cause further damage. If all goes to plan I hope to hit some of the early shows on 2025, most likely the American/ […]

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