1.What are your plans for 2024?

– My plans are to make a good season with the most evolved and conditioned physique. I will do NYPRO in May and stay for Olympia in Vegas, maybe I can do a pre Olympia going to Arizona a few weeks before.

2.Have you identified areas of your physique that you’d love to improve?

– I believe I have a good physique, I don’t exactly have weaknesses, only with time I can improve them.

3.Since becoming a bodybuilder, what’s the most positive aspect of the sport that you’ve encountered?

– recognition as an athlete, important support contacts. And especially to believe that everything is possible, not only in the sport more in life. I have become a better person, because bodybuilding is 100% mind, you learn to have a good attitude towards things to be able to work.

4.Can you share with us any details about your online presence? As in – are you active mostly on Instagram or elsewhere or not really anywhere!

– instagram ( leyvinaifbbpro )


– YouTube


– TikTok


5.What sort of videos are you going to be filming with Sculpted in the future?

– I want to be able to record as many amazing scenes as possible, outdoors, in swimming pools, free poses, cosplay, super heroine scenes. Always something new and innovative

And one of my desires is to be able to do great seasons in the usa and Europe, to experience more the

Export culture with big names.

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