Established in 2023 from the ashes of another site, we aim to create the ultimate video showcases of the world’s best female figure, physique and bodybuilding athletes.


“Female muscle videos by Sculpted showcase strength, determination, and empowerment in a visually captivating way. They inspire confidence, and celebrate the beauty of athleticism. These videos embody the epitome of strength and grace, encouraging women to embrace their power and redefine outdated societal norms.” Manny Navas
“Love your content. Bought a video the other day and it was incredible!” JB”
This site is the most preferred site among muscle woman-related sales sites. The biggest difference is the image quality. Most sites have a maximum resolution of FHD, but this site supports up to 4K quality and you can choose between FHD and 4K for sales. Personally, I feel the video is more lively, and the fact that players from various countries are being introduced is also an advantage.” Woon
“I have nothing but good experiences. Your content is amazing. I have purchased 4k, 6k and 8k videos from you. The video quality is great and the camera angels are the best. You show the whole physique with close ups.” Antonio R.
The gang at Sculpted is really top shelf when it comes to video content.  They feature an excellent mix of familiar faces and new talent, filmed in a variety of settings and in the highest quality – featuring a good mix of regular and slow motion footage to show all the detail in these amazing physiques.  Whenever I get an email from them alerting me about new content I know I’m in for a treat.  Keep up the excellent work! –deestar
“Sculpted has some of the best videos featuring muscular women on the internet today. They don’t use cheesy music or lame camera cuts, it’s all just pure flexing and lifting in glorious 4K resolution.” Mike S

Why Us?

Best Filming Equipment

Film Production grade filming and editing tools

17 Years of Experience

With freelance camera people who have worked in the fitness industry for over 17 years, we've come to be trusted by the world's best athletes to create content for them that they can be proud of.

Professional Editing

10 bit colour? 16 bit colour? We see the difference, and we know that our quality footage will stand the test of time.