1.What are your plans for 2024?

Initially I was aiming to do the UK Pro show in September but after tearing the meniscus in my knee I’ve had to change my plans to focus on recovering my injury. The worry would be that if I attempted a prep too early I might cause further damage.

If all goes to plan I hope to hit some of the early shows on 2025, most likely the American/ Canadian shows.

2.Have you identified areas of your physique that you’d love to improve?

Feedback from the Olympia was that I need more bicep, more legs and more width to my back so off season is very much targeted at bringing those areas up as well as just increasing size in general.

3.Since becoming a bodybuilder, what’s the most positive aspect of the sport that you’ve encountered?

I used to be very much into crossfit, even though the ethos of crossfit is to create a community, I have found the bodybuilding to be far more exclusive and welcoming. Especially in WDP, the women I share the stage with are always so friendly and caring. It’s so refreshing.

4.Can you share with us any details about your online presence?

I only use Instagram. @romana.skotzen_ifbbpro

5.What sort of videos are you going to be filming with Sculpted in the future?

Hopefully some more footage when I am in a leaner phase. I love doing training footage but also posing routine footage would be really cool.

6.Let us know if there’s anything else you’d like to tell our audience.

Where to begin on this one, so far I have been balancing being a pro bodybuilding whilst working as a Paramedic. Although I left the Ambulance Service after 18 years last August to work part time as a Disability Assessor. My hopes this year are to give up my part time job and focus fully on my professional bodybuilding and build my coaching and posing business further (both lifestyle clients and bodybuilders). I mainly work with women (but do take on male clients as well) and use my fitness experience, medical knowledge and how i have balanced my training around work to help guide people towards their goals.I hope to be at most of the big Expos in the UK this year with my sponsor Eval Blood Analysis, please feel free to come say hi.

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